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Capitol City Christian Church

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01.14.18 Sermon Preview

Series: First Things Part: 2 Date: 1.14.2018 Sermon Title: A Call to Prayer Text: Romans 12:12 Preview Our needs are much bigger than we realize or acknowledge. Our challenges often seem (and frequently are) insurmountable. We do not struggle with flesh and blood. Yet often we only employ our flesh and blood to meet those needs, overcome those challenges, and vanquis...

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01.07.18 Sermon Preview

Series: First Things Part: 1 Date: 1.7.2018 Sermon Title: A Call to the Bible Text: Psalm 1:1-6 Preview Growth in holiness does not happen apart from devotion to the Word of God. Most of us know this, but many of us struggle to devote ourselves to reading and studying Scripture. What keeps us from opening our Bibles and gazing into the beauty of God? What will it tak...

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12.31.17 Sermon Preview

I Am The True Vine  Sermon Date: 12-31-2017 Sermon Text: John 15:1 Unlike Israel, the failed vine of the Old Testament, Jesus has succeeded where Israel failed: he lives faithfully in obedience and submission to God the Father.  If we are vitally connected to the Vine, we experience fruitful prayer, obedience, and joy...

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12.17.17 Sermon Preview

Series: I Am Part: 5 Date: 12.17.2017 Sermon Title: I AM the Resurrection and the Life Text: John 11:17-44 Preview Jesus brings exactly what we need, exactly how we need it, and exactly when we need it....

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12.10.17 Sermon Preview

Series: I Am Part: 4 Date: 12.10.2017 Sermon Title: I AM the Good Shepherd Text: John 10:11-16 Preview Only Jesus cares so much for his people that he would willingly lay down his life in order to shepherd his lost people home. He is the good shepherd, the shepherd we truly need....

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12.03.17 Sermon Preview

Series: I Am Part: 3 Date: 12.3.2017 Sermon Title: I AM the Door Text: John 10:7-10 Preview Jesus is the only way we can be a part of God’s people. Though the world will tempt us with many different doors that seem to promise abundant living and peace, only Jesus can offer these things. Only Jesus is the door for God’s sheep.  ...

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11.26.17 Sermon Preview

Series: I Am Part: 2 Date: 11.26.2017 Sermon Title: I Am the Light of the World Text: John 8:12,  John 1:4,5, Isaiah 9:2 Preview Light is a rich Old Testament symbol. Those who were with Jesus when he said to the crowd, “I am the light of the world”, would have understood the deep significance of that claim. The promised messiah in Isaiah 9  was...

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11.19.17 Sermon Preview

Series : I AM Text: John 6.25-51 Title: I Am the Bread of Life Preview: Jesus offers something that no other person can offer.  He provides those who trust in him with all they need to know and have fellowship with God.  In fact, if we were to lose everything we had but Jesus, nothing would be lost....

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11.12.17 Sermon Preview

Series: Titus: Everyday Doctrine Part: 10 Date: 11.12.2017 Sermon Title: Final Instructions Text: Titus 3:8-15 Preview The duty-fueling doctrine of the gospel should shape the character and ministry of our church, just as it shaped the churches Titus pastored in Crete. The gospel focuses our teaching and our conversations, so that we can avoid wasting our words and o...

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11.05.17 Sermon Preview

Series: Titus: Everyday Doctrine Part: 9 Date: 11.5.2017 Sermon Title: Gospel Fuel for Godly Living Text: Titus 3:3-8 Preview The reality that fuels all of our godly living is the sheer grace of the gospel. When we were at our worst, God saved us - not because of works done by us in righteousness, but because of his mercy. The unmerited favor we receive from God free...

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