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07.02.17 Sermon Preview

Series: Pilgrim Songs: The Psalms of Ascent Part: 5 Date: 7.2.2017 Sermon Title: The Daily Grind Text: Psalm 127 Preview Regardless of our work, unless the Lord is in that work we will labor in vain. Prosperity and security are never our accomplishments; instead they are God's good gifts. This should free us from anxiety and insecurity and free us to work hard for th...

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04.23.17 Sermon Preview

Series: Breakthrough: The Strategic Significance of PrayerPart: 1Date: 4.23.2017Sermon Title: Pray Then Like ThisText: Matthew 6:9 PreviewThe God of the Bible is both transcendent and immanent; he is at the same time "in heaven" and "our Father." The more we see him this way, the more we will yearn for the hallowing of his name, and the more we will pray to him the kinds ...

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