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05.21.17 Sermon Preview

Series: n/aPart: n/aDate: 5.21.2017Sermon Title: Entrust to Faithful MenText: 2 Timothy 2:1-7 PreviewHow do you protect what matters most? If you care for something of great value, how do you ensure that it stays safe? As a church, we are entrusted with a message of incredible value - the gospel. According to the apostle Paul, the preservation of the gospel hinges on our...

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New Blog Post - "on daily confession"

on daily confession...

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New Blog Post - everything we need, nothing we don't

everything we need, nothing we don't...

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05.14.17 Sermon Preview

Series: Breakthrough: The Strategic Significance of PrayerPart: 4Date: 5.14.2017Sermon Title: The Terrible PetitionText: Matthew 6:12, 14-15 PreviewAccording to the way Jesus taught us to pray, spiritual failures are not forced to hide themselves from God when praying. In prayer, morally bankrupt people need not pretend to be rich. Instead, prayer is an opportunity for th...

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05.07.17 Sermon Preview

Series: Breakthrough: The Strategic Significance of PrayerPart: 3Date: 5.7.2017Sermon Title: Daily BreadText: Matthew 6:11 PreviewFor many, prayer is something that seems disconnected from real life. There is a wide gap between what we want to pray about and what we feel like we should pray about. How can we connect our prayers to the true desires of our hearts and to the...

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New Blog Post - "what if the elephant talks?"


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04.30.17 Sermon Preview


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New Books This Weekend at GROW!

Are you looking for a good book? Would you like a few titles to recommend to your family, friends, neighbors but aren't sure where to start? Come visit the GROW area in the Atrium this Sunday as we premiere our staff recommendations for great reading! There will be some books available for purchase and there will continue to be new recommendations added to the list. The a...

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New Blog Post From James Sharp


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First Steps Lunch

Are you new to Capitol City? Or just wondering how you might get involved beyond Sunday mornings? We realize that it is daunting to try to connect for the first time in a new place. However, what we all really need is meaningful relationships with other believers in the church. We need to know and be known by other Christians. If you are interested in learning more about ...

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