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celebrating the gospel in truth, life, and love

Sunday Worship Services:
9:00a | Worship Center
10:30a | Event Center

Capitol City Christian Church

7800 Holdrege Street
Lincoln, Ne 68505

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Our Vision: a gospel-centered community living every day for the glory of Christ

Every church has a vision. Sometimes that vision gets lost in the frenzy of programs and people. Sometimes that vision is obscured by peripheral concerns. And sometimes (actually, often) that vision is ineffectual because it is never acknowledged or articulated.

A church’s vision should reflect who the church hopes to become, and what the church dreams of accomplishing. Vision is about the future, about the decades to come and the ministry yet to be done.

At Capitol City, our vision is beautifully simple, yet grand in scope. We seek to be a gospel-centered community living every day for the glory of Christ.

Several things about Capitol City are made clear by this vision:

First, Capitol City is a gospel-centered church. This means that the gospel is the center of our confession, proclamation, and function as a church. All of our preaching and teaching, music, community groups, ministry and service projects, and evangelism are rooted in and shaped by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Second, community is essential at Capitol City. The church is not a collection of individuals who come merely to do their religious duty, but a living body of God’s sons and daughters, united in Christ, together seeking to follow him. Capitol City is a place where people gather together, live life together, grow and serve together, and are transformed by God’s grace through fellowship together.

Third, at Capitol City we live on mission every day for Jesus. We do not exist as a church so that people can gather once a week to worship before getting on with their lives. We exist as a church so that people can treasure the gospel in worship and then live out the implications of the gospel every day, in their homes and workplaces, throughout our city, and even to the ends of the earth. We live in a lost and fallen world, yet we will not sit idly by as our family members, friends, and neighbors are in need of the gospel.

Finally, at Capitol City, everything we do is for the glory of Christ. We do not exist for ourselves; we exist for Christ. Our goal is not to grow a huge church; our goal is to honor and glorify Christ. Our goal is not to make a name for ourselves; our goal is to lift high the beauty and majesty of Christ’s name.

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